Our Organic Whole Cranberries AJC are unparalled in quality - the standard by which all others should be judged.

Allow yourself a taste test to confirm this!

Why ours are the best...

Skilled harvesting via a Canadian Farmers Co-operative that dates back to 1925.

Unsliced – most cranberries are ‘single slice’ – with ours, you get the whole berry!

Organic and 100% natural – our cranberries are not treated with stabilizing products such as citric acid or glycerine.

Low juice extraction helps the fruit remain plump and tasty.

Cranberries used to be hand-picked, a tiresome and often inefficient process, until the 1960s, when someone realized that the air cavities inside the cranberries could be used to the producer’s advantage.  Water-picking is now the preferred method for harvesting cranberries.

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The fields are flooded twice during harvesting.  Once to protect them during winter, and finally in early October, when the mature berries are knocked from the vine, allowing them to float to the surface for collection.

A relatively small amount of juice is extracted to maintain the cranberry’s tender texture and tangy taste.  Our cranberries are dried longer and at a lower temperature in order to maintain optimal health benefits.  The process is 100% natural, preserving the flavour without the use of stabilizing products such as citric acid.

Delivery volumes and pack sizes

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Product Pack Sizes Pallet Config.  Deliveries MOQ
Organic Whole Cranberries AAA Grade
Sweetened AJC
11.34kg (net)
80 x 11.34 kgs
= 907.20 Kgs
Full and part pallet loads DDP all UK & EU destinations ½ pallet 40 boxes
Organic Whole Cranberries AAA Grade
Sweetened AJC
Single box 11.34kg
1 - 5 boxes by courier - to all UK and EU destinations  11.34 kg


While the tangy tart taste of the cranberry makes it a staple in bars, juices, sauces and pastries, studies show that this small crimson fruit is packed with a number of impressive benefits.

With 9 times the antioxidant capacity of broccoli, it truly is Mother Nature’s superfruit!  The flavonoids found in cranberries account for most of their antioxidant properties.  These can help prevent cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and other age-related illnesses.

The cranberry’s proanthocyanidin, a powerful antibacterial, can play an active part in preventing and treating infections.

110 grams (one cup) of fresh cranberries contain 94 mg of potassium, 20% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C and 5.1 grams of fibre: more than twice as much as an apple.

Source: https://www.cranberryinstitute.org/health_research/Healthresearch_HR.html

Quebec's finest...

The mature cranberry is a small dark red berry native to North America and found in marshy land.  In Quebec, it is often referred to as “atoca”, which is the name the Iroquois have for it.

The cranberry grows on shrubs with small leaves and distinctive bright pink flowers. 

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