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At Top Line Foods in the UK, together with our sister company in Turkey, we source and import a wide range of organic traditional and specialty products from around the world.

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Product Country of Origin Available as Useful Info
Acai Powder (RAW)Brazil, Central & South AmericaFreeze Dried (not spray dried)Superfood said to reduce LDL Cholesterol and is high in Antioxidants.
AlmondsLate flowering Valencia
+14 mm
100 % Sweet & various grades
Almond Protein Powder 50%SpainPremium Grade, fine mesh.
AmaranthIndiaA source of complete protein & high in fibre.  It contains all the essential amino acids, including lysine, which is lacking in most grains.  
Apple DriedItalyDiced, Sliced, cubed.
with and without skin.
Apricot Kernel OilTurkeyCold PressedPure kernel oil no added carrier oil.
Apricot Kernels BitterTurkey, UzbekistanWhole and PowderSadly no longer available due to the implementaion of ridiculous guidelines base on no serious scientific evidence.
Apricot Kernels SweetTurkeyWhole and PowderThese have gone as well for the same reason as Bitter.
Apricots DriedTurkey & UzbekistanSuper Cleaned.
Whole, diced and paste
Malatya variety, the best Apricots in the world and the only variety which can be successful dried organically.
Aronia Berry PowderBulgariaDried, milled.This method involves no carrier for drying.
Banana Chips, sweetened without Honey.PhilippinesWholesSuitable for vegans
Banana Powder (Red)EcuadorRaw QualityMade from the South American red banana, containing high levels of Beta-carotene.
Banana PowderPeru300 MeshMade from the Cavendish Bananas, this product has a fine mesh and perfect for blending.
Baobab Powder Senegal, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, AfricaRaw Quality
Barleygrass PowderNew Zealand & China
Blueberries DriedCanada & The NetherlandsSweetened, AJC & Cane Sugar.
Brazil NutsSouth America, BoliviaMedium and Midget
Brown Rice Protein Powder
> 80 %
300 mesh
Made from whole grain, sprouting rice - not broken grain rice.
Organic & Conventional
Cacao Beans Ecuador, Peru, South AmericaRaw QualityRead our feature product page to get the full story.
Cacao Nibs South America, AfricaRaw Quality
Cacao Powder South America, Africa
Dominican Republic
Low Fat 10 - 12 %
Natural & RAW Quality
RAW quality (not heated above 45º C)
Camu Camu PowderPeru
Carob PowderPeru, MexicoPowder / FlourOften used as a chocolate substitute, Carob is naturally sweet, low in fat, high in fiber & calcium, and most importantly contains no caffeine. 
Cashew NutsBrazil, Ivory coast, Indonesia & VietnamW320 
Cherries, sour (unsweetened)Turkey, UzbekistanPittedOur Cherries from Uzbekistan are processed in Turkey and have a superior tangy flavour.
Chia SeedsMexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina.
NOW Paraguay
BlackOrganic & Conventional
Chia Seed Protein Powder 35-40%Seeds Paraguay - Processed UKOlive green / brown powder with incredible nutty flavour!
ChickpeasItaly Whole & hulled (gluten free)7 , 8 & 10 mm available
Chlorella PowderChina
Cinnamon Powder (true)Ceylon, Sri LankaTrue - powder
Coconut Blossom / Palm SugarPhilippines, Indonesia & Sri LankaFine meshSubtly sweet but with a slight hint of caramel. The major component is sucrose, followed by glucose and fructose. The Glycine Index is 35 and is classified as a low GI.  It is considered to be healthier than any other sugar. 
Coconut DesiccatedPhilippines
Coconut FlourPhilippines, Indonesia
Coconut ChipsPhilippinesNatural & Toasted
Canada Whole , (not single sliced).
Soft & moist, sweetened with Organic Apple Juice concentrate (AJC)
The best Cranberries available on the market!
Try and you'll agree.
Dates, DicedPakistanAseel, pitted whole & dicedFree flowing with organic rice flour.
FigsAydin region, TurkeyWhole, diced and pasteNatural & Lerida.
Paste as custom manufacture only.
Flax SeedsItaly, Poland, Ukraine, Canada & ChinaGolden & Brown
Ginger, crystallizedCubesExquisitely hot !!
Goji BerriesTibetBerries & powder
Organic & Conventional
The best tasting Gojis available !! Free flowing, SO² <10ppm, with full analysis.
Goji Berry PowderChinaFreeze Dried (RAW)Not to be confused with spray dried, full analysis.
Green LentilsTurkey, Italy
HazelnutsTurkeyNatural, blanched & roasted
11/13 & 12/14
Hemp Protein PowderSeeds Lithuania, Processed UK50% & 70%
Hemp SeedsLithuania, Uganda, MexicoHulled & with shellsHulled -freshly hulled against order.
Inulin PowderMexicoUsed in food processing for making products creamier, crunchier or sweeter while reducing calories,& increasing fiber, without adding odour or taste.
Lucuma PowderPeruRAW Quality
Maca PowderPeru, South AmericaNon-gelatinized, white, red & blackDue to illegal stripping of the South American Maca fields we will not sell origin China.
Moringa PowderIndia
Mulberry Crumble TurkeyWhite, organicSoft & chewy this new & exclusive product is perfect for cereal bars, mueslis and as a natural sweetener.
Mulberries, white TurkeyWhole & pasteWe source only the cleanest best quality Organic Mulberries from Turkey. Premium Grade. RAW & definitely unbleached !!
Mulberries, blackTurkeyNo artificial colour or flavour added.We do not supply Mulberries origin China, Pakistan or Iran !!!
Our Mulberries are free from pesticides & all additives.
Mung BeansUzbekistan, processed Turkey
Pea Protein PowderChina80 %
Physalis DriedSouth AmericaTangy & totally addictive.
Pineapple, NaturalSri LankaTidbits & Rings
Pine nutsMediterranean, EcuadorVarious counts
Prunes, pittedFranceVarious sizes
Pumpkin Seed KernelsCroatia, ChinaAA and A grades
GWS & Shine skin
GWS (Grown without shell)
Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder > 60%Lithuania ChinaThis powder is made from the Pumpkin's Seeds (not pulp) & has no added Soya Protein.

Quinoa Grains & Flakes

Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, South AmericaWhite, Black, Red & Tricolour (60-20-20)Flakes (rolled) available as white only.

2nd Generation Quinoa

UK.Whole grains & Flakes
Organic & Conventional
Saponin Free
Whole grain, High fibre.
Low food miles footprint.
Raisins, Thompson seedlessTurkey, UzbekistanFree flowingShiny, tangy and delicious.
Raisins, Bukhara, BlackUzbekistan, processed TurkeyDeep Blue /Black, no dressing Oil.Juicy with a very distinctive flavour
Red LentilsTurkey, ItalySplit & footballs
Rice Protein PowderChina65 % & 80 %
Sesame SeedsUganda, IndiaNatural & Black
Spirulina PowderChinaPowder 25 Kg & TabletsMix in juices & smoothies.
SultanasTurkey, UzbekistanNo 9.Sultanas differ from raisins due to their drying process which produces a lighter coloured fruit.
Sunflower Seed Protein Powder 45%Serbia Fine mesh.
Sunflower SeedsSerbia, RomaniaBakery grade.
Tomatoes Sun-DriedTurkeyHalves, saltedFor organic tomatoes, organic salt is used as a preservative.
Halves 80 % & 70 %
Wheat grass powderNew Zealand & ChinaIt's very green !!


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